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January 12, 2010


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In a rare attack of political correctness gone mad I would like to highlight some of the stupendous efforts on the part of Brit actors in the field of piss-poor american accents.
Personal favourites include Clive Owen (a Clint-inspired monotone drawl, equally dull either side of the pond), Bob Hoskins (makes Dick Van Dyke sound as Cockernee as - er - Stanley Holloway?) or the great Ray Winstone whose Pearly King Mockney Confederate was the best (only?) reason for sitting through transatlantic mega-turkey 'Cold Mountain'.

Absolutely, Im up for that. Owen, I dont think Ive seen doing American, but Hoskins, Winstone - astonishing they still get work (Winstone does it all over again in The Departed, though after Damon and DiCaprios Bawston whines its actually a relief). Having said that, Ive seen Hoskins accent in Roger Rabbit touted as a good one, even by Americans; and I thought Michael Caine was rubbish in Cider House Rules, too, but he got an Oscar, so what do I know?

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